These statistics are compiled from 16-01-2023, when the Guardian was first deployed.

Overall stats

Total teleports 130
Total d2o teleported 420227
Number of deployments 4
Number of routes 4

Stats per route

Source Destination Number of Teleports Amount Teleported
evm.ethereum.hyperlane evm.astar.hyperlane 8 8
evm.ethereum.layer-zero evm.moonbeam.layer-zero 95 279958
evm.moonbeam.layer-zero evm.ethereum.layer-zero 3 34223
evm.astar.hyperlane evm.ethereum.hyperlane 5 4
evm.moonbeam.layer-zero evm.ethereum.layer-zero 15 43626
evm.ethereum.layer-zero evm.moonbeam.layer-zero 4 62408

About dGuardian

The guardian runs an event fetching deamon for each combination of platform (e.g. EVM), network (e.g. Ethereum) and protocol (e.g. LayerZero).

The fetching deamons listen for mint and burn events pertaining to teleportation of d2o tokens between networks.

Teleportation works by burning d2o on one network and re-minting it on another network.

If the guardian sees a Mint event without a corresponding Burn event, then its possible the protocol may have been exploited. As such, the guardian will immediately freeze the d2o account in question so the protocol stewards can investigate further.

The guardian is a durable and fault tolerant process so it should never miss any events as long as it has active connections to its RPC providers.

In-process teleports

No in-process teleports.


If the Guardian encounters an unmatched mint then it will be listed here.

The Guardian can resolve unmatched mints due to timing issues itself.

No unmatched mints.


The following fetchers are live from 16-01-2023: